Adding Work Email : Android
Open the GMail App & Account Type
Tap the Gmail app icon to open it.Select Exchange and Office 365
Add your E-Mail & Password
Enter your full e-mail address, such as, Tap next.
Enter your password on the following screen
Add Exchange Server Information
Enter the following exchange server information when requested, and select done:
Domain\Username - PSUSD\username
Remove username
Make sure to REMOVE your full email address if it appears. For example, make it look as shown below with your username. 

Password - Password
Server - - Scroll down
Port - 443
Security Type - SSL/TLS
Message of Security Policies
You will get a notification to accept 'Security Features' enforced by our district for accessing private, company e-mail on a mobile device.
Select OK to confirm. And scroll through the administrative functions, and select 'Activate this device administrator' to continue.
Naming the inbox & completion
Your e-mail account has now been added! You can now name the inbox whatever you would like as a description.
Description Titles
Descriptions are only visible to you, on your device. 

E-mail content
Depending on your current network connectivity speeds. The e-mail contents and attachments may trickle in over the next 15 minutes.